Tania is known for her intricate woven rugs and the abstract macro photography that inspires them.

Each of her signature rug designs starts with a photo she has taken, whether it is the reflections of branches rippling in a lake or a single line of condensation

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London Rug - Zoffany Phaedra Collection

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Since graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in woven textiles, Tania Johnson has continued to experiment with different materials from fabric to solid surfaces; always using her own photography as the basis for her designs - Tania was captivated when she discovered the effect of her photographic images on metal.

Any of Tania’s inspiration photos can be printed on metal.

These images acquire a shimmering reflective quality when printed directly on to the metallic surface. The result beautifully echoes the sheen and matt effect of the silk and wool rugs that Tania creates so deftly. These wall pieces are striking because the contrast between a hard metal surface and the application of a subtle and soft image creates this thoroughly original artwork.

The prints can be used both indoors and out and are available in a number of sizes as well as custom options.

While the standard prints come in black and white, any image can be re-coloured in a bespoke tint to suit any project or brief.

London Metal Print Series