Visit to GoodWeave's Hamro Ghar

My second visit to GoodWeave’s Hamro Ghar and this time I was thrilled to take my family with me. Meaning “our home”, Hamro Ghar is a rehabilitation centre for children rescued from the rug looms.While it is illegal in Nepal for children under 14 years old to work, many are forced to do so, some as young as five. Many of the children are abused and have to work 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

Just as the first time I visited, it was both very fun and very moving. We took some masks to decorate and at first the children were a little hesitant but with the help and encouragement of the amazing GoodWeave staff, who tirelessly translated everything we said, everyone soon got stuck in.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to look at each of those children and think of what they have suffered and what many other children are still suffering. But what you focus on more at Hamro Ghar is seeing children who are happy, playing, learning and being cared for. It’s this aspect that has really resonated with me each time I have visited and I hope also what my daughters will have taken away with them.

We met 51 rescued children that afternoon, each of them is now safe and happy and 19 of them were due to be reunited with families that week. Visiting Hamro Ghar really served to remind me what an amazing job GoodWeave does on a daily basis in trying to eradicate child labour.

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