Tania Johnson Design is a member GoodWeave (www.goodweave.org), which aims to eliminate child labour and to improve working conditions for adults; any carpet with the GoodWeave label means that the rug was made only by adult artisans. In addition, the certification programme helps fund educational opportunities for children as well as support and resources for families and weaving communities in South Asia.
Stand with Sanju
Little Sanju was trafficked from her village at the food of the Himalaya to a carpet factory in Kathmandu. She wove carpets from 4 in the morning until 8 at night and thought her life would always be this.

Then Sanju’s life changed forever. She was rescued by GoodWeave and now goes to school with GoodWeave’s support.

Stand with Sanju. Watch her courageous story below.

Child servitude is a crime committed against 168 million children worldwide. They are forced to sacrifice their youth and their education. Stand with Sanju demonstrates how consumer buying power could end child slavery in the carpet industry.

Rugs with the GoodWeave label are made by companies that agree to not use child labour. GoodWeave makes sure by conducting random, surprise inspections. When children are found, GoodWeave rescues them and offers education and other critical services.